Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taller along with Shorter or ..is it...a formula

Whats common among  Shrek ,  Ratatouille , Monsters Inc , Up  ...other than they were good ( some really good ) movies ... Something I even asked  my last  Interns....They kinda most of the timed  paired the heroes as  Taller Character along with  Shorter Character  or ..is it.just a . formula..that worked ...?..
I  Put this question the COO of the studio  . Was a very interesting observation , Its a beautiful combination .In nature we see nothing similar ..and we know that asymmetrical things do have class and beauty of their own . If we look at the mountains .. there is a range of sizes and shapes all  looking different ..so is different good ?, Look at colors ...variations in colors brings about  interest and uniqueness ..So that goes with characters ... and its just not tall and short but also wide and narrow ..  Laurel and Hardy  for example !...So contrast adds to making it interesting...Another point was on a different scale .. had to do with more psychology I guess rather than uniqueness... "Don't we all aspire to be some less at least in one point of time in our life .. at least one for one time we would have thought about it ..." there is  need of  filling a  lack of something that makes people attach to one another - , the short guy probably wants to be like the tall guy  , the tall  guy  probably admires something in the short guy ...one compliments another but no one is complete "  ...this was also  point for ponder ..was a good chat with him ...Its not wrong to be looking out to others coz you know they have a quality  what you dont have and would like to  be like them ..But  be reasonable also ... This  feeling in  some can also  go another way

 Another part that was lead to from this  conversation was.. Japanese Manga Style of Animation!!....If we take look at the  Animation style and character designs  , When is the last time you'd seen  Japanese guy  walk  by  with  BIG round eyes like their Manga style  Characters ? ..So are they  making up for  something they Lack in  physically ?..With this I  also thought about how  Anime is limited yet at certain  points they Flush out with  wide crazy expression !!!..Now from Gesture sessions and Cultural mannerisms classes I have come to know  Japanese are traditionally ( not influenced by  any other cultures - The WEST !!!!)..are kinda reserved ,less spoken , quite mindful of their own space around them .. So  now again  would it be that they  make up for this in their animation??...Hmmm  one of my new Quest :  MANGA and why ?



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