Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good morning !

My Green tea at 3 am : left pic :-)
Good morning !!!!....Hmm that wud be a very early good morning ..its 3 in the  morning!!,..sitting at my desk  at home thinking about the  2d to 3d trainees back at the studio ..and their   topic  CONSTRAINS ( Maya 3d software) ...many of us coming from a 3d background might me able to get a hand on it but there are many who can't , asking them the go through the  Maya help files .. well thats even worse ...yeah I agree there are some who can grasp  but on  asking many artist , the feed back I got was .. May docs dont too well in  giving explanations ( well to an extent yes ! ).. I guess the reason being as one Animator put it ...Cherry said " its written by the developer and not probably an artist "  Like our Rigger Stani said " the amount of effort and time they spend in making the  software user friendly ..they have not  done so with the help files "...keeping all  this in mind I thought might be helpful  if we kinda broke things down a bit  to more simpler terms and very simple explanation ..well at least  try  to ..so I thought  at the TIPS page start with  constrains as that seem to the  need at the hour for em 2d "convertees"....( yeah I know thats not even a word !!!) ..I  need a few days to  break down  stuff ..this  is not a crash course but a very slow  and exploring kinda ..well  explanation ..or lets just call it  discussion ...ok  so  what do I  need ,...Hmmm  lets see ..I  need a capture software and a head set with a mic .. which I  dont have...so  planning to get one and after the we will  start on  this CONSTRAINING TOPIC  CONSTRAINTS !!!! :-)  see ya  then  :-)


Help files are not required to a certain level if there is good experienced mentors/ friends(like U!) are there to guide. Getting tips from those who had worked in live/realtime projects is much more effective than the normal "F1" files!

I am trying to share knowledge ... as much as I can .. the rest is up to those who want to benefit from it :-)


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